5 Inventions Already Making the 2020s a Better Decade

The green revolution of the last few years, coupled with our need to improve human life, has seen many innovators come up with new ideas that benefit the world. Here are our top 5 inventions that are already making the 2020s a better place.

  1. Covid vaccine

The fast creation of a vaccine in the fight against Covid-19 was undoubtedly an impressive feat by the world’s top scientists – one that has saved many lives already. Companies such as Moderna, Oxford/AstraZenica, and Pfizer/BioNTech scrambled to develop their own versions of a vaccination in record time.

While the vaccinations do not necessarily prevent transmission of the virus, they do reduce the likelihood of serious complications and see fewer patients hospitalised.

     2.Orange energy

Spanish water utility company Emasesa is helping to alleviate the climate crisis with its alternative energy scheme using the humble orange as a source. The company recently launched a pilot scheme to provide a cleaner electricity solution by generating energy from unwanted Seville oranges. When the fruit rots, it produces methane which can then be used to power an electricity generator.

Emasesa has installed more than 300 containers around the city of Seville to encourage members of the public to deposit any discarded oranges and other organic waste for collection. The company predicts that if all of the city’s unwanted oranges were used, they could provide power for as much as 73,000 homes. Initial tests of the scheme have shown very positive results, suggesting that orange energy is here to stay.

  1. A New Surgical retractor

Next on our list is the Galaxy 2 self-retaining surgical retractor from junemedical.com. While surgical retractors aren’t a new concept but more recent advances in their design have helped reshape the face of medical operations. Used during surgical procedures, a surgical retractor is an instrument that holds back a patient’s soft tissues on either side of an incision to allow better access and visibility.

June Medical’s advancement of the classic surgical retractor has been an important breakthrough in the medical world. The device is self-retaining and can be adjusted with one hand, meaning it doesn’t need to be held in place or adjusted by an assistant. Made of medical grade single-use plastic, the retractor is a sterile, cost-effective solution for hospitals.

  1. SupoPlant

Israeli start-up company SupoPlant recently launched its agritech method, which is not only changing the face of farming, but it is helping to address the impact of climate change in the world. Agritech is an autonomous irrigation system that uses AI sensors and data algorithms to let farmers know what their crops need at any given time.

The technology is a low-cost, sustainable solution, which enables smaller-scale farmers to use. This, in turn, encourages smaller agricultural practises which are less invasive to the environment than huge industrial-scale operations.

5.Permobil Explorer Mini

Named as Time Magazine’s Best Invention of 2021, the Permobil Explorer Mini is helping young children with mobility impairments.

The Permobil, the first of its kind, is a powered solution to support infants with mobility issues from the ages of 6 months old up to the age of 3. It encourages independence through exploration during a critical period in the child’s development.


A greater awareness of human and environmental issues has led to innovators looking at new ways to make the world a better place with their inventions.