5 Features That Will Create a Truly Unique Event

There is hope as the events industry continues to rebound from the pandemic. American Express conducted a survey that found that 81% of events will have an in-person aspect to them.

About 67% of meeting planners expect the industry to reach pre-pandemic levels in 2022 or 2023.

That’s promising, but you still have to have a unique event if you want people to attend. Corporate event planning is on the rise, and your event still needs to stand out.

Fortunately, this article has you covered. Keep reading to discover tips and ideas that will make your next event unique.

1. Plan and Purpose

Your event needs to have a purpose. That’s what draws attendees to the event. Create specific goals for your event as well.

The purpose could be to gather people within a certain industry or raise funds for a charitable organization. Your goals could be to raise $100,000 or to have a certain number of attendees.

That helps you formulate a plan and create a unique event. You’ll work backward to set a date, location, and marketing plan for the event.

2. Create a Theme

If you want to make your event special, create a theme. It might not seem ideal for professional events, but people like to gather around a common purpose or theme.

You can create a barbecue theme or sports theme. It’s important to make the theme relevant to your audience.

3. Hire the Best Outside Talent

Hiring talent helps support the theme and the purpose of the event. Not only that, but the right talent makes your event stand out.

You can hire speakers to motivate and inspire the audience. Victoria Opera House gives you an opportunity to bring art and culture to your event.

Be sure to have room in your budget for hiring talent. This could make or break your event.

4. Create a Digital Experience

A digital experience helps you bridge the gap between virtual and in-person attendees. You can use apps that attendees can use to connect with each other during the event.

Hold mixers before the day’s agenda begins. Ask speakers and talent to engage with virtual attendees as well as in-person attendees.

5. Post-Event Engagement

Have you ever experienced post-event letdowns? If you did your job right, the attendees of your event left feeling amazing.

They get home and that amazing feeling gets lost within a few days. A unique event keeps the energy going with post-event engagement activities.

You can host a virtual networking event or provide support to attendees within the first week. That keeps attendees feeling inspired and motivated.

How to Create a Unique Event

The event planning industry has been unpredictable over the last couple of years. As the industry stabilizes, it’s more important than ever to make your event a memorable experience.

To make a truly unique event, have a plan and a purpose. Create a theme around the event and hire the right talent to make it an unforgettable experience.

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