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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Cigars Online

After a tiring day at work, you long to relax and enjoy a good cigar – your go-to hobby.

You realize your stock is getting low and it’s time to refill it. Deciding to shop online, you become overwhelmed at the number of stores and types of cigars.

The cigar industry is expanding with the recent increase in consumers. About 12.2 million Americans smoke cigars!

Choosing cigars online can be difficult at first. To make sure you get the perfect cigars for you, consider these 5 factors.

1. Type of Cigar

Hundreds of cigar brands exist. Whether you’re looking for pricier cigars like Ashton cigars or something cheaper, online stores probably have it.

Other than the brand, the shape and size of a cigar are also important. They determine the intensity of the cigar and how long it will burn.

Here is a helpful list of some cigar shapes and sizes.


The Robusto is the most popular cigar type in America. It’s small and fat – 4.75 to 5.5 inches and a 48 to 52 ring gauge.

If you have some time to spare, but don’t prefer big cigars, the Robusto is a great option.


Corona cigars are a bit longer than Robustos at 5.5 to 6 inches long. They have a smaller ring gauge of 42. The sides are straight and the head is round.

These cigars satisfy people who want a less concentrated smoke.


Panetelas are even longer and thinner: 5.5 to 7.5 inches and a 34 to 38 ring gauge. The flavor is milder and the cigar burns longer.

2. Color

The color of a cigar can often tell you what its flavor will be like. The wrapper color depends on the kinds of tobacco and how the cigar was made.

The rule of thumb is that darker wrappers have a spicier flavor.

For example, Double Claros are very light in color and have a mild and sweet taste.

3. Cigar Quality

Expect to get a higher quality smoke from cigars with long filler. They’re also the more expensive option. It isn’t a secret that Cuban cigars tend to be the best ones all over the world. If you want to buy the best cigars online you can order. If you want to buy the best cigars online you can order Cuban cigars online as they are special due to their high quality, texture, flavour and rich aroma.

Short filler cigars are chopped-up long-filler scraps. This cheaper method of making cigars dampens the flavor.

Some cigars are a combination of short and long filler.

4. Test Cigar Singles

If you decide to try a new brand or type of cigar, order a cigar single as a test. You won’t be stuck with a box of cigars if it turns out it wasn’t your favorite.

This is also a great idea when you’re buying from a certain store for the first time.

5. Find Great Deals

Who doesn’t love to save money? Get a better deal by comparing cigar costs from different online stores. Some stores may have lower shipping costs than others.

Cut your order price down on online cigar stores that are holding regular or holiday sales.

Choosing Cigars Online

With so many cigar options and stores, choosing cigars online can seem tricky. Making online purchases doesn’t have to get in the way of you and the perfect cigar.

Use this guide to find the right cigar for you without leaving the house.