Website traffic improvement concept. Businessman draw increasing graph with text website traffic.

5 Effective Ways to Increase Website Traffic

As much as one-third of small businesses do not have a website. In today’s digital marketing industry, not having a website is almost considered a crime.

This is because websites are an incredible source of brand awareness, and ultimately sales growth, for businesses. But how exactly can businesses increase website traffic?

Carry on reading for our guide on how to drive traffic to your website and get the best possible ROI from your digital marketing strategy.

1. Work on Your SEO

One of the best ways to augment visitor numbers is via SEO website traffic. SEO refers to a wide range of strategies and techniques that improve your website’s position in search engine results.

A great SEO strategy is website marketing. By creating a blog section on your website, you can attract more visitors thanks to a combination of popular and niche keywords.

It’s also possible to buy SEO traffic if you’re unsure of how local SEO, organic SEO, or technical SEO works.

2. Consider PPC Advertisements

The other side of the search results coin to SEO is PPC ads. These are the paid, rather than organic, links that appear at the top of the results page.

By carefully choosing the search terms your business wants to bid on, you can easily attract a huge number of visitors to your website. The best part about PPC is in the name: you only pay for the visitors that actually make it to your website.

3. Get Social

Next, social media is a must-have resource for building website traffic. Businesses can highlight deals, new articles, and other content on their website to all their followers.

You’ll need to think about which social media platforms will work best with your target audience: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok…?

4. Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Another important digital marketing method is email marketing, which provides one of the best ROIs possible. Email marketing is a great way of promoting your company to existing customers and those who have already expressed an interest in your business.

Don’t forget to use calls to action to highlight the steps you want your audience to take!

5. Improve Website Design

A final non-negotiable way for how to grow your website is by improving your site’s design. Websites with slow load speeds or that aren’t mobile-friendly simply don’t make the cut in 2021.

By creating an intuitive layout and fast-loading site, you’ll also improve your SEO results. Your business will also have a better chance of retaining interest with a great design, so this is a win-win.

Those Are the Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

We’ve now covered the easiest ways you can increase website traffic, it’s time to start generating more online revenue. The digital marketing methods mentioned above are self-perpetuating, so as you create a blog section on your website, you’ll be able to post more on social media, more people will sign up to your marketing list, and so on.

If you need any other tips for running a business, be sure to check out the rest of our marketing-related articles!