4min VIDEO: Atta Mills’ son raises ‘critical’ questions about his father’s ‘strange’ death

Son of the late President of Ghana, Atta Mills, Sam Kofi Atta Mills has described circumstances surrounding his father’s death as “strange”.

According to him, he was surprised about his father’s death because on that fateful day, he and his dad spoke and ate only for him to be told about an hour or two later that his father had passed on which was a “big shock” and “weird”.

In an old interview making new rounds on social media, Sam Kofi Mills stated in an interview with Kafui Dey that although he has heard “rumours” of what had happened to his father, he didn’t have evidence to prove.

“I had lunch with my father and my aunt on that day he died. Aunt Araba who just returned from Bahrain and he seemed to be doing very well. We ate together at lunch time then I left them,” Sam Mills explained that the death he heard later was “strange”.

“I personally don’t know what happened to him. The hospital did not give the family any autopsy report or anything. I for one will champion anything to investigate how my father died.” the young Atta Mills said.

“We spoke that day in the morning. I went to his room to wake him up so we go together for our normal walk from the Castle to the Independence Drive. But he told me that day he couldn’t go for the walk because he was expecting his medical doctors to attend to him first. We spoke about other things and what I was involved in and he was very supportive.”

“I still don’t know (the cause of his death), the hospital never gave the family any autopsy report to show that this and this was the cause of why he passed away, so, I don’t know what killed my father and I don’t think any member of my family will be able to give evidence of how President Mills passed away,”.

“I have heard several rumours and speculations (about the cause of death) but as for me, until I see any concrete evidence, I would not believe these reports,” he added.

The Criminal Investigations Department is investigating the death of the former President following a request made by the Bono Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party Kwame Baffoe Abronye.