Worried couple listening to marriage counselor during a therapy sitting on a sofa at home

4 Tips to Find a Marriage Counselor That’s Right for You

Do you know that you and your spouse need marriage counseling, but are wary about getting started? Rest assured knowing that 98% of couples believe that they received good or excellent couple’s therapy. But the success of your counseling depends on the therapist you hire.

So, how do you find a marriage counselor? It takes more than calling the first therapist you find. You’ll want to find someone who can work with you and your spouse so they can help you work out any conflicts and find new meaning in your marriage.

If you want to find a marriage counselor, read these 5 tips first.

1. Know the Approach You Need

Before you start counseling, know the benefits you want to achieve and the results you want. You should also identify how you want to approach the therapy.

For example, some couples benefit from combined therapy, others benefit from individual sessions, and many benefit from a combination of both. You should also consider other unique facts about your marriage, such as religion and spiritual beliefs.

When you search for a licensed marriage counselor, many will include information on their website, such as Naya Clinics. This information includes a bio and even a look into their strategies. Use this information to choose the best therapist. This brings us to our next point.

2. Do Your Research

Once you identify your goals, you can start researching the top marriage counselors in your area. Start by looking at your insurance’s directory. This way, you’re sure that the doctor accepts your insurance. But if you find a counselor you like but they don’t accept your insurance, it’s still worth it to consider them.

3. Get Recommendations

In addition to searching on your insurance’s directory, you’ll also want to get recommendations from your family and friends. Reach out to others who have been in similar situations. Ask which therapist they used. If you don’t know anyone who was in couple’s counseling, visit online directories read reviews. You can even consider online marriage counseling.

4. Find Someone Who Will Challenge You

Many have high expectations of counseling. That your therapy sessions will only get better and you’ll improve your marriage more with each session. It usually doesn’t work out that way. Your counselor will challenge you, identifying where the spark disappeared and how the conflicts started.

Counselors do this for a reason. They want you to identify what went wrong and how you can start over. And yes, it will take lots of work to get you to the goal. Because of this, it’s best to prepare yourself and understand the structure your therapist will use.

Find a Marriage Counselor Today

Coming to terms that you need marriage counseling isn’t easy for anyone. But many don’t realize that it’s difficult to also find a marriage counselor.

The goal of finding a counselor that’s right for you is knowing your goals and how you want the treatment to work. Understand the process isn’t easy and it will take a lot of work. From here, you can start researching different therapists in your area and asking for recommendations.

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