4 times Nana Aba Anamoah became the topic for discussion for the wrong reasons

Award-winning media personality, Nana Aba Anamoah, has had her bad moments in life she might never want to revisit again.

The General Manager of EIB Network’s, Ghone TV is loved by many for her impeccable command over the English Language and confidence.

The article is not meant to give a bad impression about the news anchor since Nana Aba has done so much for the media and she deserves praises as well. We walk you through some of her bad moments which gave her haters opportunity to rain insults on her.

1. Feud with Osebo Brown, her baby’s father

Some time ago, Nana Aba Anamoah clashed with her baby Daddy, Osebo, real name Richard Brown who exposed her for lying about him neglecting their son for 16 years. After the exposé, the on-air personality became silent on the matter.

2. Beef with investigative journalist, Manasseh Azuri

Nana Aba in one of her broadcast lied about a story she claimed her news team chanced on which Manasseh Azure took her on in one of his articles to describe how dishonest the TV personality is.

Here’s what he wrote: ‘I was watching TV3 news one evening and the news anchor read an introduction to a story about some wheel chair-bound physically disabled men fighting.

The news caster said TV3 news team was going for an assignment and chanced on the scene near Opeibea in Accra. When the story started rolling, however, it didn’t look like a story a news crew chanced on. The story looked like it was staged, even though the fight appeared fierce and real. The narration started with a video that showed one of the men going to the scene of the fight in a wheel chair.

The other also came from a different direction and they met and started talking. Then a disagreement ensued and the fighting followed. All this was captured by the supposed TV3 camera. I had many questions about that story by Nana Aba Anamoah.

At what point did the news crew chance on the two disabled men? How did they know that the men would fight if they met, for which reason the news crew had to follow them with their camera until they met, argued and started fighting? The story did not show any interview of the two men or any account by an eyewitness so who told the reporter that they were fighting over a woman and 50pesewas?’

3.TV3’s Suspension

Nana Aba was suspended by the TV3 after she sparked a social media storm when pictures she tweeted suggesting she was at Old Trafford to watch her favourite team Manchester United turned out not to be hers.

The presenter was widely criticized and mocked on social media, and after an investigation by TV3, she was taken off air indefinitely. Though a section of Ghanaians pleaded on her Behalf to be reithe decision was not reversed

4.Giving a job to Victoria Lebene at the expense of a qualified candidate

Due to the good relationship between her and Victoria Lebene, Nana Aba offered a lucrative job opportunity to the actress instead of a young aspiring news anchor called Zeinatu Erebong Issahaku who could have performed better since she has the needed skills and has also made some appearances on TV with good flair and command over the English Language.