4 Romantic Best Couples Getaways in The Midwest

When you think of a romantic trip, you probably think of relaxing on an East Coast beach or living it up in the West on a weekend visit to Las Vegas. And while these locations can provide a great time for you and your other half, you’re missing out if you’re overlooking the best couples gataways in the Midwest.

It’s true! There’s a virtually endless number of romantic getaways in the Midwest for you to enjoy, and we’ve chosen a few of the best for you.

To learn more about the best couples gataways in the Midwest, keep reading!

1. French Lick, Indiana

Nestled in Southern Indiana, the historic town of French Lick is considered one of the best couples gataways in the Midwest. The French Lick Resort, in particular, is perfect for those interested in luxury romantic getaways in the Midwest.

This resort features two deluxe hotels with extra-large rooms, spas offering couple’s massage, and various gourmet restaurants. Couples fond of the great outdoors can take advantage of the golf course and hiking trails nearby.

2. Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City is not only among the best romantic getaways in the Midwest; it’s also a haven for the outdoor adventurer. Located between some of the country’s most incredible State and National Parks, there’s no shortage of outdoor fun in this city.

When you’ve had enough of the sun (be sure to protect your skin while you’re out there!), you can explore downtown Rapid City’s many restaurants, galleries, museums, and boutiques in your journey of best couples gataways in the Midwest.

3. Spring Bay, Illinois

When it comes to affordable and best couples gataways in the Midwest, you can’t do better than Spring Bay, Illinois. With its many expanses of untouched wilderness, beautiful beaches and parks, and the Midwestern charm of the town itself, you’re sure to have a fantastic trip.

As for places to stay, book your week at the1840ranch.com. At this one-of-a-kind ranch, you can soak up the sun on the beach of a private 30-acre lake, then spend the night cuddling by the fire pit.

4. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Another unexpected beach experience, Mackinac Island, is a small town on the edge of Lake Huron, one of the country’s largest bodies of freshwater. If you’re looking for an escape from the “real world,” Mackinac Island is your answer.

Why? Well, because there are no cars on the island, you’ll be traveling by trolley or horse-drawn carriage! Enjoy the simple pleasures of life while you roam Mackinac’s numerous sites and attractions.

Reignite the Spark With One of These Romantic Getaways in the Midwest

Whether you’ve been in a romantic rut or need to get away for a weekend, there’s nothing like a trip to the Midwest to inject a little passion and excitement into your life.

Now, with all these options for romantic getaways in the Midwest, you might feel as though you have a tough decision in front of you. The good news is, each one is as wonderful as the last – you can’t go wrong!

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