4 Reasons Why Pediatric Ophthalmology Is Important

As a parent or guardian, it’s essential that you take the time to find a pediatric eye doctor for your little one. Although we might not see pediatric ophthalmology as something that’s as important as a pediatrician or pediatric dentist, it is. Even if your child isn’t complaining about an eye problem, there could be an underlying eye issue that’s going untreated.

The best way to ensure your little one is clear of any eye problems is to consider kids’ ophthalmology. The best-case scenario is that your child’s eyes are perfect and aren’t in need of eyeglasses, but it’s always best to be safe. In the guide below, you’ll find several reasons why finding a pediatric ophthalmologist is so important.

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1. Catch Eye Disease Early On

There are certain eye diseases and other children’s eye problems that you might not be able to detect without a proper eye exam. When you bring your child to an ophthalmologist, their eyes will be examined and if there is an issue, then it’ll be detected early on. Catching these eye diseases early on can help save your child’s vision and protect them from further issues.

2. Prevent Falling Behind in School

Having good vision is essential for succeeding in school. Many children will fall behind in school due to not being able to see clearly. Not all children are vocal about vision issues and will remain in a seat where seeing the front classroom board is difficult for them.

Children with vision problems might also struggle to complete homework assignments, read, write, and more. A simple trip to their eye doctor will correct any vision issues and help them do well in school again.

3. Correct Lazy Eye Issues

Some eye conditions are more easily detected, such as a lazy eye (strabismus) or cross-eye (amblyopia). If you happen to notice a lazy eye or that your child is cross-eyed, then it’s time to see a pediatric ophthalmologist. This is important even if your child doesn’t seem to be affected by the issue.

An eye specialist for kids has the expertise needed to treat these issues and ensure your child’s vision is clear.

4. Avoid a Misdiagnosis

Unfortunately, some children might be misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD when falling behind in school when the real problem is an issue with their vision. Vision problems can make it difficult for a child to focus on their school work. This then causes them to focus on other activities during class.

This is where the misdiagnosis potentially comes into play. It’s never a bad idea to rule out vision problems first.

It’s Time to Consider Pediatric Ophthalmology

If your child hasn’t already been seen by a pediatric eye doctor, then now is the time to consider pediatric ophthalmology. Use all of the information given in this guide above to understand how important it is for your child to have great vision. To discover more topics similar to this one, continue to check back here on a daily basis for new posts!