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4 Popular House Plan Style to Consider for Your Custom Home

If you’re looking to become a homeowner, constructing a home to your specifications is an intriguing option to look into. Today, it costs about $300,000, on average, to build a home from scratch in the United States.

Your head might start spinning when you think about the many different types of house plans available. We’re happy to simplify this process for you by breaking down some of the most popular and useful styles.

Consider these house plan styles when you’re about to build a custom home.

1. The Cottage House Plan

If you want a home that is on the smaller side and that features plenty of charm, a cottage home might be exactly what you’re looking for. These home plans are excellent for single-family and vacation homes alike.

Though these floor plans are on the smaller side, you could easily build out a cottage home that features more than 2,000 square feet, four bedrooms, and three or more bathrooms.

When considering different types of house styles, the cottage house plan is one that can be built both with traditional and modern sensibilities. This style is versatile and fitting for any color scheme or design that you’re interested in.

2. Cape Cod Homes

You can never go wrong with a Cape Cod home. This is one of the most popular options when you’re considering architectural house plans.

Cape Cod-style homes date back to the 1700s and feature English and European sensibilities. The style received a bit of a revival in the early 1900s and has since become a favorite for homebuyers.

Some hallmarks of Cape Cod homes include steep gabled roofs, a broad front door, and windows with multiple panes. You’ll love the uniformity and balance of the shutters, siding, and other decorative features.

Cape Cod homes are also equipped to deal with harsh weather conditions. The ability of Cape Cod homes to withstand below freezing temperature is why they are popular options in the New England states.

3. Tudor Style

Tudor-style homes contain a mixture of gothic and medieval decorative styles. They’re generally made with a combination of stucco and brick building materials.

Homeowners that appreciate fine architecture and skilled masonry will get a lot of value from Tudor-style homes.

Though these homes date back to 16th-century England, they’re filled with modern touches that you’ll love. You can build them to include skylights, solar panels, and a deck that’s perfect for summer gatherings.

4. French-Style Homes

The popularity of these homes stems from 18th-century France. French-style homes generally include a sprawling, wide floorplan that is usually one story. They usually have steep roofs and large yards that allow for immaculate landscaping choices.

You can look here to learn more about custom home styles and options that you’ll appreciate.

Find The Best House Plan Styles

These house plan styles give you some food for thought when you’re trying to build the perfect home from scratch. Let these points get you started so that you can kick around ideas that you’ll fall in love with.

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