4 Industries Where Digital Signage Is Making Life Easier

4 Industries Where Digital Signage Is Making Life Easier

If you’ve noticed digital signage appearing all over the place, that’s because more and more organizations are realizing the benefits that digital signs can provide.

As much as they’ve become more common in recent years, there remain many businesses that have yet to adopt the technology. It’s often seen as a nice-to-have or too inconvenient to implement.

However, today’s digital signage companies have made permanent and rental digital billboards both more affordable and easier to implement than in the past. Now that digital signs have become more accessible than ever, these are some of the industries that can benefit the most.

Venues & Stadiums

When it comes to big crowds and events, digital signs have the impact to get attention in a busy atmosphere.

Venues and stadiums don’t just need wayfinding solutions; they need signs that can generate ad revenue, help them fulfill corporate sponsorships, and buy tickets or upgrade seats. Digital signs can create an immersive atmosphere in VIP sections and deliver higher levels of engagement through gamification and other unique experiences.

Conference centers and trade show venues can also make excellent use of digital signage. They’re a convenient way to handle the rotating schedule and changing wayfinding needs with programming that’s tailored to the event.

Malls & Commercial Properties

Malls have been hard hit over the last couple of years, but as they get back to business, digital signage can help put crowds at ease and direct attention to their tenants.

Digital billboards can fulfill an important need for wayfinding and advertising, but they can also enhance the experience of shopping itself. Digital signage and video walls can be used to create interactive experiences or elevate the feel and mood in the building.

Government, Healthcare, and Other Institutions

Institutional buildings have unique wayfinding needs because of the diverse users and guests who pass through them. They need to target and inform both the public and staff and in some cases passersby using the building only to get from Point A to Point B, such as where institutional buildings are integrated into metro stations and other public transit.

Healthcare in particular has been underserved despite the potential to ease pain points such as patient pick-up, check-in, and health and safety messaging. Digital signage can also be used for donation kiosks and donor recognition.

Transit & Transportation

From the subway to the airport, digital signs open up new opportunities and possibilities for transit agencies and transportation companies.

Busy transit areas are a great opportunity to capture ad revenues, run donation campaigns, and run brand activations.

Transit hubs can also utilize screens for wayfinding. Wayfinding is a constantly-evolving issue for transit agencies, bus terminals, train stations, and airports. Digital signage allows agencies to make updates without having to replace physical signage, which can become as systems expand and best practices change.

Digital signage is playing a growing role in a number of industries. As it becomes easier to implement and more affordable, it’s an investment worth researching.