A chiropodist taking care of foot - removing hard skin with special tool.

4 Important Reasons to Visit A Podiatrist

Each year, thousands of Aussies land in hospitals because of various injuries related to sports and otherwise. While most minor injuries typically require minimal treatment, many people who suffered from serious injuries need to deal with various health problems if they survive.

From 2016 to 2018, almost 180,000 Australians were admitted to Sydney hospitals because of injuries, and most are related to sports activities. Males, in general, were most likely to be hospitalized compared to females.

Football is the number one sport that causes most sports injuries in Australia while cycling and wheeled motorsports come second and third. Most of these injuries occur in the foot and ankle areas.

With this in mind, many people seek help with a podiatrist or a foot and ankle doctor. They are very similar to orthopedics, but these physicians focus and specialize on the foot and ankle area.

So, when do you need to visit a podiatrist? To help you out, read the rest of this post to discover the top reasons to see a trusted podiatrist sydney has.

You Run Regularly

If you run regularly either for health, fitness, or athletics, you are very prone to injuries mainly focused on your foot and ankle. You are prone to pain and discomfort, such as shin splints. A podiatrist can easily assess your body’s potential problem, which causes this pain and discomfort. They easily flag any problems which are potentially causing pain which can result in injury. They often recommend therapies and proper movement to avoid run-related injuries. Also, they will recommend the best type of running shoes you must wear on the road that best fits your running style, foot shape and other aspects.

You Bruised Your Ankle

If you experience any painful sensations on your feet or ankles, you need to see a podiatrist. The most common reason for the pain or discomfort in this area is arthritis. This condition is very common among Aussies, especially people ages 40 and above, according to one of the trusted podiatrist Sydney has.

Suffering from arthritis alters your normal foot movement and function. It leads to immobility; thus, a podiatrist is there to treat the condition by prescribing over-the-counter medicines or therapies.

You Suffer from Diabetes

Surprisingly, people who suffer from diabetes are relatively susceptible to foot problems. They suffer from dry skin to serious foot infections. If you happen to have diabetes, you must visit a podiatrist to examine your foot’s current condition. You can visit one at least once a year to make sure there are no potential problems. Visiting a podiatrist is a preventive measure to minimize the risk of amputation due to diabetes. People suffering from diabetes often get foot amputation because of serious infections, too extreme for conventional treatment.

Your Physical Activities Become More Limited

If you happen to suffer heel and foot pain, you have the best reason to consult a podiatrist. Heel and foot pain has various causes. It may be a small bony growth on your heel or a tendon inflammation around the heel area. Regardless of the cause, if you feel any persistent discomfort, especially during physical activities such as sport, you need to see a podiatrist right away. They will perform diagnostic tests such as an MRI or X-ray to determine the root cause of your heel’s pain. If they discover something bad on your heel, they will apply the appropriate treatment method or provide you with prescription medicine.

Final Thoughts

If you feel any lingering pain, discomfort, or are suffering from a certain condition affecting your ankle or foot area, do not think twice before you visit a podiatrist. Always remember never to ignore these signs to prevent them from worsening. You have many reasons to visit a podiatrist or any physician if you feel something wrong with your body.