4 Fundraising Ideas That Will Raise Your Company Profile

4 Fundraising Ideas That Will Raise Your Company Profile

Whether you are a large corporate company or a small firm, getting publicity is always going to be important for business, and what better way to raise your company profile than getting involved in some of these fantastic fundraising ideas.

Company Fun Day

Hold a fun day for your employees and anyone else who wants to come along.  You can charge an entrance fee and lay on some games such as twister or egg and spoon races to keep people occupied.  Set up some food and drink stands or invite local caterers along so that you don’t have to provide the refreshments yourself and use banners and social media advertising to let the public know you are around and that the event is sponsored by your company.  Ask your local council for permission to use the park for this.  They may even give it to you for free if you are raising money for a good cause.


A concert is a wonderful way to attract people to your fundraising event.  You can sponsor a local band or even a theatre group to put on a show in your parking lot or a local park and charge them an admission fee to get into the venue.  This does not need to cost you a lot, especially if you already have a venue and can access a PA system.  Many musicians and actors want some publicity themselves so may even work for some free beer and petrol money.

World Record Attempt

You would be amazed at how many world records have been set for different things from pie-eating contests to how many braids you can put in your hair.  Look up the craziest world records or the ones that best fit your company profile and sponsor a world record attempt day where you invite people to enter your world record.  Employees could be sponsored by friends and families to have a go and the winner gets a prize.  They will then be able to post videos of their attempts to social media, which will increase your company profile. You will get a lot of free publicity and social media attention for this.

Brick Fundraiser

If you have an office building that needs revamping invite local people to donate to your brick fundraising event.  The brick can be personalized and used to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or other special events.  This is a great event to have in your fundraising toolkit and the bricks can be supplied by fundraisingbrick.com. This can then be incorporated into your parking area, garden, or reception area.  This is a fantastic way for people to know you are around and to come to your building in person.  It works well for cafes, garden centers, real estate agencies, and any other business that relies on footfall. Your donators will want to make repeat visits to see their brick, and this will increase your business too.

These are just some of the great events companies can sponsor to fundraise for charity and get themselves some great publicity into the bargain.