4 Essentials for designing a teen's bedroom

4 Essentials for designing a teen’s bedroom

As the kids get older, the idea of hanging out with their parents becomes super uncool. So instead of spending time in the lounge, you’ll see your mini adult only when they need a lift or are hungry.

Suddenly, their bedrooms become their whole world: The place they sleep, socialize, study, and more. This is why utilizing the space to fit their ever-changing interests and lifestyle is tricky.

If you’re stuck for ideas for your teen’s bedroom, here are four essentials to incorporate into the space and how you can do it.

Study area

As they head into high school, they’ll have much more homework and projects to complete. This means having a space dedicated to studying is vital. If you’re lucky enough to have a home office, you might not need to get a desk for their bedroom. However, if you’re stuck for space, finding room in their bedroom for a desk is a good idea.

Cabin beds with room underneath are a great option, as these lift up the bed and provide additional floor space that would’ve originally been lost. Alternatively, if space is tight, a fold-out desk can attach from the wall and be stashed away when not in use.

Underbed storage

When their friends are round, they might not want their favorite teddies from childhood on display. They’ll likely want a little privacy from their parents as they get older. Underbed storage is super important for a teenager’s bedroom, too, as it gives them the perfect place to throw all their stuff when you’ve asked them to tidy their room for the 100th time…

Chill out zone

Beds should be kept for sleeping. The more we end up doing in bed, the less chance of a good night’s sleep we’ll get. So, if your child is going to start spending all their time couped up in their room, it’s a good idea to create a chill-out space that doesn’t mean they’re just sat in bed all night. An adult bean bag chair is the perfect solution: It’s comfy, casual and adds extra seating to the space for all their friends.

Memory wall

In the era of smartphones, selfies, and TikTok, teens are always taking pictures. Whether it’s of their friends, places they’ve been, or their Starbucks. Give them a place to store all their memories with big magnetic boards or a pack of washi tape for them to stick all their photos to.

With their constantly changing interests and styles, you might want to consider keeping the walls in plain and neutral colors or painting one wall with blackboard paint. Then, they can use the wall for notes, games, photos, and funny messages from their friends. Then, when they’re done, it can all be wiped away and done again.

When designing your teen’s bedroom, make sure to get them involved. You don’t want to be redecorating only to find they absolutely hate it. You could also get them involved with the actual decorating or assembling new furniture; it could be a great way to spend some time together, and they’ll feel even better about their new room knowing they contributed.