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4 Creative Wall Décor Ideas for Apartment Dwellers

According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, 37% of US renters live in apartments – a figure that’s set to grow.

If you’re one of the millions of apartment dwellers in the USA, you’re here because you want to make your living space work for you. A tasteful wall decoration could be just the design aspect you need to breathe some life into your apartment home.

If you’re looking for wall décor ideas, look no further. We’ve put together a must-see showcase of all the best apartment wall decorations that exist today.

Read on for our top 4 stunning décor ideas for your wall.

1. Hang Large-Scale Canvas Art

If you’re looking for living room wall décor ideas, consider a large canvass piece for your feature wall.

A meaningful canvas art piece can set the tone for an entire room’s design and provide a theme for your overall color scheme and layout. Alternatively, you could use an eyecatching piece to cast a contrast and accent your upholstery and carpets.

Either way, a tastefully chosen large-scale canvas adds class and style to any apartment living room.

2. Showcase Striking Accent Walls

Even if you favor minimalist design, a striking accent wall can create a charming focal point for your living space.

Consider the architecture of your apartment. You already have the perfect accent wall if you have a faux fireplace or built-in nook. All you need to do is select the perfect wallpaper, paint, stonework, or timber-clad finish.

By combining color, pattern, and texture, you can create a beautiful space that serves as the focal point of any room.

3. Curate Personal Galleries

Forget photo albums – decorate your apartment with cherished memories by creating a personal gallery.

Dedicating a living room wall to important photos and artworks helps you enjoy your favorite family moments and lends a personal touch to your apartment. Don’t rush to fill a wall with pictures – your personal gallery will grow naturally over time.

Check out Garsha18 for inspiration, and shop their wide range of stunning photographic wall art to begin curating your personal gallery wall.

4. Create a Living wall

Houseplants are more popular today than ever. But have you considered creating a living wall to decorate your apartment?

Using smart shelving, hanging baskets, and contained terrariums, you can build a green oasis in your apartment living room. Start by choosing a sun-facing wall, away from radiators and drafts. Then, install a shelving unit and some hooks to suspend your baskets.

Add as many plants to your living wall as you like, just remember that plants need constant looking after. Create a watering schedule to avoid your latest apartment décor wilting away.

Wall Décor Ideas for 2022

Whatever size apartment you live in, some thoughtful wall décor can make your home a beautiful, comfortable place to live.

Combined with a slick color scheme and tasteful interior design, our wall décor ideas will help make your apartment a home.

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