4 Best practices to improve medical accounts receivable management

Healthcare practitioners lose a significant amount of revenue each year due to inefficient medical accounts receivable management. They constantly remain under pressure to face daunting challenges like long receivable cycles and deliver efficient services as well. It increases the administrative burden, delays the revenue, destabilizes the cash flow, and frustrates financial management.

Therefore, by outsourcing accounts receivable recovery management services, expert billing professionals help you save manpower, reduce costs, overcome the challenges excellently.

Expert A/R professionals provide structured procedures to manage medical coding and billing processes effectively. They help practitioners to generate better revenue and streamline accounts receivable follow-up processes remarkably. They understand your practice needs and help you improve your business profitability.

Here are the best practices that help you to manage the A/R process and keep a strict follow-up on the outstanding claims for maximum collections efficiently;


Reduce Billing Errors:

You can’t ignore the importance of staffing and human errors. Insurance companies reject medical claims that contain even a minor error. They need to provide best practices, efficient training, and monitor the staff performance.

So, they become able to see the lacking areas and make improvements in a timely manner. Outsourcing is a better way to eliminate the need of hiring qualified staff. As you can get assistance from certified, organized, and professional billing experts. They have vast industry experience and expertise to accurately handle billing/coding errors.

Moreover, they understand billing regulations and coding transition_ thereby they enable you to identify errors, address them, and fix them in a timely manner. They have excellent skills to come up with solutions, report issues, make on-time decisions to avoid future hazards efficiently.


Improve Overdue Collections:

When you take help from a professional debt collection agency, expert medical accounts receivable management teams help you collect the maximum collections.

They monitor the alerts and excellently track the claims to get you reimbursed in a timely manner. They eradicate the disputes associated with the billing system and help you make claim processing error-free. In addition to this, A/R professionals ease the documentation process by integrating EHR/EMR integrated systems. They eliminate the need for paper documentation and provide electronic document storage.

They provide advanced strategies and implement cash management strategies that help you enhance the efficiency of your accounts receivable. They help you minimize the financial risk associated with them and convert them into solid cash sooner rather than later.

A/R experts integrate the right technology with your existing system and reduce your stress by streamlining the A/R workflow efficiently. In this way, they help you reduce operational costs, decrease overheads, save costs, and improve cash flow significantly.


Reduce denials and speed A/R recovery:

You need the right processes, people, and resources to improve the results of revenue cycle management. When you outsource medical accounts receivable management,

A/R experts provide you customized solutions that across a variety of functional areas support revenue recovery and help you to meet the requirements of your medical practice. The A/R management services team has state-of-art, efficient technology that provides automated workflow.

They integrate advanced technology into your existing systems and provide additional functionality, actionable reporting, and robust intelligence. They help you identify the problematic cause of rejected claims and provide you with an effective strategy to streamline claim denial management. They have configurable technology that provides a thorough process of denial prevention and helps you get paid faster in a timely manner.

Moreover, A/R recovery teams fill in during the staff shortage, work on backlogs, and help you recover earned revenue by providing underpayment recovery services. They deploy proven technology to pursue your underpayments, maintain your contract terms, and decrease your administrative burden significantly.


Hire Outsourcing A/R Services:

A reliable medical billing agency understands the absence of a structured process that allows practices to lose a huge amount of revenue each year.

Therefore, outsourcing medical accounts receivable services help you generate maximum revenue by maintaining a strict follow-up on A/R processes. It helps you keep a regular follow-up on outstanding claims and reduce the time of the account receivables process significantly.

It offers many advantages like:

  • Decrease costs due to reduced remuneration.
  • Improve efficiency by offering results with quick turnaround time.
  • Help in gaining access to proficient technology and staff.
  • Monitor and control credit risk.
  • Filing secondary insurance.
  • Monthly aging reports bringing all unpaid claims to attention.
  • Immediate follow-up on all denials.
  • Creating relationships with insurance payers to ensure on-time claims reimbursements.
  • High-quality appeals of insurance denials using the most current American Medical Association (AMA), Affordable Care Act (ACA), and American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), billing guidelines.



The Healthcare industry is complicated thereby handling different tasks is not easy. The primary concern of every business that aims to expand is finding capital. Revenue is tied up in accounts receivable that it becomes difficult for practitioners to access it when required. It’s so annoying seeing reimbursements are stuck and can’t be utilized.

So, there are several advantages of outsourcing medical accounts receivable management services. It helps you to free up both coveted assets i.e money and time. It helps you to quickly get access to the cash you require while reducing the workload. It saves your time so you can provide quality care services to your patients efficiently. In this way, you also become able to focus more on other core competencies of your business remarkably.

Take an Initiative:

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