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3 Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs Online

In 2021, the cost of more than 1,200 prescription medications has increased 16 percent higher than they did in the same period in 2020. The price squeeze is being felt by millions of middle-class families and those struggling to makes ends meet.

While the government does not seem to be prioritizing making medicine affordable, that doesn’t mean you have no options. You can make it a reality yourself with a little bit of work.

So, if you are looking for easy ways to save money on your prescription drugs, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are three of the best ways to save money on your prescription drugs online.

1. Get a Prescription Savings Card

The first tip is one that many people do not know about. A prescription savings card is usually provided either by your doctor’s office or your employer’s health plan as a way to reduce the cost of many prescription drugs.

You can even find some online from reputable pharmacies. Just present it at checkout, and the pharmacist will plus in the ID number on the card, and voila! Instant discount. Ask your physician where the best place to find a prescription savings card if you are unsure where to get one.

2. Do Some Negotiating

Just like getting second opinions on important decisions in your life, you don’t have to take the first option offered to you when it comes to pharmacies or prices. Do some shopping around and do some negotiating.

You can compare pharmacies in your area to see if they offer your medication at a lower cost, for example like this Jardiance cost.

Big brand pharmacies sometimes charge higher prices simply because they have name recognition. Look for mom-and-pop pharmacies and ask if they give discounts if you pay in call cash rather than going through insurance.

3. Ask Your Doctor

Another great and understated way to save money at the pharmacy is by asking your doctor. Let him or her know that you are looking for ways to lower your monthly prescription costs.

They can remind prescribe generic brands that are cheaper. Or, they can look into other over-the-counter medications or different treatments that might help whatever it is you need help for.

Your doctor should be your advocate. If you feel they are not listening to your concerns or are rushing through your appointment without giving you a chance to ask important questions, it might be time for you to find a new doctor who will listen.

Looking for More Ways to Make Prescription Drugs Affordable?

Just because the cost of many prescription drugs continues to increase does not mean that you need to pinch pennies to get vital medicine. We hope you found some helpful tips on saving money on your prescription drugs with the advice above.

If you want even more tips on saving on medical costs or general advice on navigating the medical system, follow along for more articles. You’ll get deeper insights into the issues you care about most.