3 Things to Consider While Selecting Your First Motorcycle

3 Things to Consider While Selecting Your First Motorcycle

Getting a motorcycle, much like getting a car, is a major decision that you cannot rush. While the idea of your first ride may sound more exciting than ever, you also want to make sure you choose the right brand and model to ensure that the experience stays smooth all throughout. However, if it is your first time getting a motorbike, you will quickly realize that the process is different from buying a car since the two vehicles have different components and structures.

With several motorcycles like the Triumph Street Triple S  available in the market, you may feel overwhelmed with all the considerations to make. Before you start browsing through your options, it is best to outline your needs and preferences, so you know what to look for while searching. Deciding what type of riding you plan to do will be particularly important since this will affect the motorcycle that you should get.

If you are on the hunt for your very first motorcycle, here are some tips to take note of to help you choose the right one.

  1. Decide Between New or Used

One of the first things you can decide on is whether you want to get a new or a used motorcycle. It is natural for a beginner rider to have apprehensions with getting a used vehicle since you may not be familiar enough to inspect their condition. Hence, new motorcycles will be the safer choice as you are assured that they will function properly, and in most cases, you have more options. However, they will also be more expensive, so try to consider your budget limitations before deciding. Used bikes come at lower prices and may sometimes come with a warranty.

  1. Research on Styles

The right motorcycle-style will depend on what you want to use the vehicle for. Nowadays, you can choose from heart-racing off-road bikes to traditional cruisers, each of which varies in construction, speed, style, and durability. For example, the Triumph Street Triple S is compliant with the learner-approved motorcycle scheme (LAMS), making it ideal for many beginners. Despite this, it is still designed to deliver top performance and speed, so it is built for everyday use.

Cruisers are also popular choices, but they may not be the best for new riders due to their low seating position. Most models are also heavier in nature, so they are more challenging to maneuver and control. Choosing a motorcycle-style can be one of the most difficult steps in your purchase, so make sure you do research beforehand to familiarise yourself better.

  1. Start with Low Power

It can be tempting to get a high-powered motorcycle right away since you want to make the most out of your investment. However, for your first motorcycle, it may be better to opt for lower power as you are still new to riding. The average 600cc bike already packs a punch more than you may realize, so you can consider choosing a model in the 500cc range or below.

Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are designing motorbikes targeted to beginners, so you need not worry about having limited options. You may be surprised to see that you can still get all your desired features even if you opt for a lower-powered vehicle at the beginning. Once you get more acquainted with the motorcycle and gain more skill, you can then consider amping up the power.