3 Reasons Why Businesses Fail with Email Marketing

3 Reasons Why Businesses Fail with Email Marketing

When done right, email marketing can be one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can use. It allows you to reach potentially thousands and even millions of people in seconds with a targeted message tailormade for them. This is a technique that could have a lot of potential depending on the field you’re in. The issue is that email marketing is easily one of the most misunderstood marketing methods, and many end up failing as a result. Thankfully, most of these mistakes can be corrected. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why businesses fail with email marketing.

They Try to Do Everything Themselves

Some people are better at crafting a message and connecting with their audience than they are at finding leads. Getting leads is the toughest part of email marketing and one of the common reasons why so many can’t seem to get their campaigns off the ground. In this case, we would suggest that you consider acquiring an email list from a third party. You can purchase email marketing lists from companies like Lead Lists that will allow you to target certain groups specifically. These services will usually have all sorts of leads across various industries, allowing you to narrow in on people you think would be a right fit for your niche. We would consider that you try a few of these and see what kind of returns you get. You will then be able to have a clearer idea of how much you can spend on a list and still be profitable.

Using the Wrong Service

One of the biggest mistakes people can make when starting with email marketing is choosing an auto-responder platform solely based on price. These can be very limiting and if you choose the wrong service, your messages may not even make their way into your prospects’ inboxes.

This is because the IP from which an email is sent will make a difference on whether the message will be identified as spam or not. Some of these services use the same IPs to mail messages, and they could have been blacklisted by email providers. You have to go with an email marketing platform that will make sure that your messages aren’t blocked. Also, know that the quality of your messages will matter. High bounce rates are a way that your IP could get flagged, so this is something you’ll need to pay attention to as well.

Poor Segmentation

Another mistake people make is marketing the same to everybody, and it’s often because they don’t segment their list properly. It should be segmented based on things like demographics, where they live, from which method you acquired their contact information, prior actions, etc. You don’t want to send the same message to someone who has repeatedly bought products from you as someone who’s still warming up. You also want to use your list as a way to follow up on clients who’ve made purchases, or others you haven’t seen in a while.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons why so many email campaigns end up failing. Make sure that you look at all of these, and do not commit them in your operation.