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3 principles in the landscape lighting of residential communities

The improvement of people’s requirements,for the living environment is one of the signs of the improvement of people’s living standards. As a component of the modern living environment, night scene lighting can no longer meet people’s needs simply by lighting. So how to turn the night view of the residential community into a double enjoyment of vision and senses? Suntechleds lighting starts from its own landscape lighting experience, and talks about the concept of residential community lighting design:


  1. Use light color to express the characteristics of residential community landscape lighting


In the residential community, the entertainment center area with concentrated traffic, this area should use warm color light to meet the functional needs of people’s activities, and then combine with the contrast of the surrounding cold color light to show the vitality of the light and stimulate people’s desire for activity. Pedestrians and landscape areas in residential communities should focus on building courtyard landscapes, using cool light to create a moonlight effect, which is closer to the natural state, and brings people a relaxed, comfortable and laid-back feeling.

  1. Focus on building iconic landscape lighting, highlighting the characteristics of residential communities


Any form of landscape lighting must pay attention to individualized design, and residential community night lighting is no exception. Lighting designers should devote more thoughts to the iconic night scenes of residential communities. When designing lighting, use different methods, different lights, different illuminances, and different color temperatures to show the colorful landscape levels, highlight themes, and show the residences. Community charm.

Third, the overall landscape lighting planning should be harmonious and reasonable

Residential community landscape lighting is the unified use of typical functional lighting and artistic lighting. Artistic lighting must beautify and coordinate with the surrounding night scene environment. Functional lighting must meet the basic requirements of people’s night travel activities. Light installation must be done Safe, reasonable layout, comfortable light effect.

The perfect residential community landscape lighting has a great promotion effect on increasing the charm of the community and improving the image of the community. It not only conforms to the aesthetic concept of people but also realizes the harmonious development of the community night landscape and nature.

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