3 Lawn Maintenance tips That Will Make Your Neighbors Green With Envy

Did you know that nearly 70% of Americans say that their lawn could look better with the proper care?

Unfortunately, many citizens are unsure how often to water their lawns, what feed is most appropriate, and how to deal with pests. Well, here’s the good news: lawn care isn’t that difficult!

If you’re looking for lawn maintenance tips, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here with three ways to have your lawn looking better than ever before (and of course, make your neighbors green with envy).

Read on to find out more.

1. Water Correctly

The first step to taking care of your lawn the right way in 2022 is learning how to water it. It’s a common misconception that lawns need daily watering.

Unless it’s a particularly hot and dry summer, don’t water your lawn every day. Instead, try to water less often but water deeply when you do.

In between watering, make sure your lawn has time to aerate. If you notice soil becomes compacted, you should use a push aerator or a gas-powered aerator to help air and nutrients penetrate deep into the lawn.

This encourages roots to grow deeper and helps strengthen the grass. This will make all the difference during extreme weather conditions.

2. Add Mulch

Next time you’re bagging up your grass clippings, save them to make mulch. Once added to your living lawn, they’ll decompose. This decomposed mulch will help reintroduce nutrients to the soil that it wouldn’t get otherwise.

Over time, you’ll notice your lawn looking healthier, greener, and requiring less lawn maintenance.

However, bear in mind that if your lawn is abundant with weeds, adding the mulch will only add new weed seeds into the mix. If you’ve got a problem with weeds, stick to disposing of your clippings rather than adding them to your lawn.

The best thing about adding mulch is that it’s a free alternative to buying expensive products.

3. Hire Professional Lawn Landscaping Services

Finally, it’s worth hiring a professional to guide you on maintaining your lawn. They can do diagnostic checks to understand why your lawn isn’t thriving and teach you how to mow your lawn for the best growth.

You can either hire these services for ongoing maintenance or hire them as a one-off and get guidance on how to maintain it yourself. These services are an excellent long-term investment; check it out here.

Lawn Maintenance Tips for You

These three lawn maintenance tips will have your lawn looking healthier than ever.

Once you’ve got a secure maintenance plan, understood what your lawn needs, and sought professional input, you’ll be on your way to having the best grounds in the neighborhood.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started.

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