New York City

3 Easy Tips To Plan And See New York City

“I want to wake up in a city /That never sleeps”, sings Frank Sinatra about New York City.

For many people, visiting New York is like a dream and 66.6 million people made their dream come true in 2019.

Well, if you are at the stage of planning to see it, then you are lucky! So, follow these easy tips to prepare and see New York City at its best.

Learn the map

Tip number one is to learn the map. Familiarize yourself with the city, its main streets, and the city’s planning. Learn the subway and the primary transportation means before you get there. This will give you a considerable amount of benefit, as you would already virtually know the city. It will feel like the “street view” on Google maps, taking you to the places where you put yourself on the map.

Following this tip will also help you to form your daily itineraries correctly.

For example, you will know how to get to this or that restaurant or grocery store or the sightseeing places spread in and around New York City.

Rent an apartment

Another essential thing to consider when planning to see New York City is finding a place to live. Not a big surprise, but New York City is massive.

Therefore, you may find a wide variety of accommodations to stay over when there. You can choose one from the furnished apartments in New York City for rent. You can book a hotel room in a fancy or affordable location. You can go for big famous hotel chains or small boutique hotels. However, hotels are almost always more expensive than furnished apartments so it all depends on your budget.

If I were you, I would go for affordable accommodation options, to save the money for more activities and sightseeing. They might not have 5-star hotel services or fast customer service, but it can ensure you save money for later.

Also, depending on the location of your place, the overall expenses for food and drinks may vary.

Try to keep within your budget because you may find yourself attracted to going more places and paying more entrance fees to museums or natural reserves than you planned. Getting excited is excellent, but make sure you do not end up with no money in New York City. Trust me that is not good at all!

Make a list of the places you want to visit

Depending on the number of days you will be in New York City, you should choose the places you want to visit in New York. You can plan to visit museums, parks and gardens, architectural sites and so on.

However, there might be some places that will need to make reservations in advance. You can integrate this step into your list if you’re on a business trip.

If you have already learned the map, designing a daily itinerary would be easy. You will know which day to spend visiting Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art along with a romantic stop on Bow Bridge. You will dedicate another day to visit The Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge.

On another day, you may find yourself walking along 5th Avenue and stopping by St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

There are many sightseeing places in New York City, but you will save your time once you know the list of places you want to visit.

Wrap up

New York City is unique, and if you are a lover of megalopolises, you will immensely enjoy your visit there. Learn the map, make a list of the sightseeing places and choose your spot for living in advance, and you will get only positive vibes from your visit.

Follow these tips to plan and see New York City quickly and stressless.