19 Types of Homes Near Islands: The Best Options for Island Living

Island living is one of the most sought after lifestyles in the world, and luckily for those looking to make a move into this lifestyle, there are many types of houses near islands that can be found. There are many different reasons why people might want or need to live on an island – from wanting a change of scenery to just needing more space than is available at home.

Whatever your reason may be, it’s not hard to find homes with ocean views or even beachfront property if you know where to look! In this blog post, we’ll break down some of the different types so that you can start narrowing down what type would best suit your needs!

1. Oceanfront Houses:

Oceanfront houses are perfect for those who want to live as close to the ocean as possible. They’re popular with people looking to start a new business at sea or simply dreaming of living by the coast. Some can have boathouses and docks, while others may even be right on the beach!

2. Sea View Home:

For those that prefer their oceans from a distance, these homes offer beautiful views of the water without being too far away from it – they still get all of the perks, though, like lower cost than coastal properties and less traffic in general. Sea view homes also tend to come with more land around them, which means you’ll be able to build your dream home there if you so choose!

3. Beach Cottage:

A small house that is typically made out of wood and has a large porch with an ocean view. The cottage is usually set off from the ocean and instead faces a large yard that offers plenty of room for playing or gardening.

4. Bungalow:

This type of house is typically one story and features high ceilings, spacious rooms, and plenty of natural light. This type of house is extremely popular because it’s usually a good size for just one or two people and has ample room to grow.

5. Beach House:

This type of home is set right on the waterfront – which means you get all of the perks like being able to hear crashing waves at night, have private beach access, and be close enough that your kids can run over there whenever they want. However, these houses are typically more expensive than other types, so not everyone can afford them.

6. Island Cottage:

Island cottages are often built with traditional materials such as stone or wood. They offer tons of charm and character but may require upkeep since old buildings need repairs from time to time! These also tend to come with a higher price tag than other types of houses.

7. Condo:

island vista condos are another great option for those looking for island living – especially if you don’t want the commitment that comes with owning your own home! These come in all shapes, sizes, prices, and locations but typically offer amazing amenities like pools & gyms! They’re perfect for vacationers who often visit too because they give them somewhere convenient to stay overnight without much planning required.

8. Farmhouse:

these homes are usually located on rural properties or farms but can also be found in more urban areas like town centres. They offer a more traditional type of living without being too isolated from other homes or neighbours. If you’re looking for a more rural type of lifestyle, this is the perfect option!

9. Houseboat Living:

this type of home offers something very different from what else we’ve covered so far. These houseboats can range anywhere from small boats with minimal living quarters all the way up to huge yachts complete with pools & skylights! There may even be an option for renting out whole houseboats if you’re looking to make a move.

10. Historic Home:

this style often features architectural details such as columns or decorative mouldings. Homes in this style are often more expensive than others, but they also come with larger living spaces.

11. Cottage:

Cottages tend to have a smaller footprint and offer an affordable option for those looking to live on the water. They’re usually small, single-story buildings and may not include many modern amenities such as swimming pools or fireplaces.

12. Custom Home:

Custom homes offer the most flexibility regarding what you want your house to look like. You can also make adjustments on a whim if you have changes in mind without having to go through an architect or contractor.

13. Townhouse:

Townhomes are great for family beach trips because they give everyone their own private space but still allow all members of the household access to shared amenities such as pools and community areas.

14. Mountain Cabin:

these rustic structures have low roofs, unfinished wooden walls, and no electricity or running water inside them. They are the perfect place to escape when you need some solitude and time out.

15. Ranch House:

Ranch-style houses have very open floor plans that allow plenty of natural light in through large windows throughout the home. This style of house is perfect for large families and those who need lots of space.

16. Island Cottage:

Island cottages are typically small homes with features such as porches, outdoor fireplaces, windows on all four sides to maximize views (and light), and gardens outback. They’re also often painted bright colors and have the best wood for decks outside where you can take it all in.

17. Floating houses:

Floating houses are homes that live on the water, typically in warmer climates. They have a very unique and interesting design because they’re placed on pontoons or pilings to avoid flooding during high tides.

18. Traditional Home:

this style features classic design elements like arched doorways or windows with shutters. These homes are often very spacious inside and have a lot of traditional features that add to the charm.

19. Theatre Home:

A theatre home typically has an open floor plan with one large room in the centre, surrounded by balconies or mezzanines on either side. This type is perfect for those who like entertaining!


When you’re looking to buy a home, the type of house and location can be just as important. Depending on what island you want to live in or which country your vacation destination is located in, there are different types of houses available for purchase. We hope this blog was helpful when it came time to narrow down your preference!