Felt exhilarated while purchasing the Rifle gun for the first time?

We bet you have!  Similar would be the feeling when you’d buy the best gun accessories.

Each first time firearm owner goes through this feeling. The heart is filled with excitement but the head is confused, isn’t it?

Buying rifle accessories for the first time has its own thrilling experience and so comes with a big responsibility.

Obtaining the correct accessory is important as it not only keeps your gun working properly for a long time but keeps you and people around you safe. If you seek to buy the best rifle accessories then read ahead to know the new gun owner checklist.


 Accessories for firearm storage

Get-at-table and secure storage accessory is a must. You just cannot leave your firearm lying around especially when you have children at home. Storage items you must consider:

●    Muzzle Lock

A must safety essential. Use a muzzle lock when your firearm is not in use. It adds an extra layer of protection keeping the weapon inoperable.

●    Concealment Furniture

Leaving your firearms in closets or drawers can be risky. Thus, concealment furniture pieces like coat racks or wall decorations proves to be a considerate storage option for your firearm.

Concealment furniture should be secured but quick to access in case of emergency.

●    Travel Case

You just cannot wave your gun while walking or driving. You need to have a proper firearm case to keep it safe and secure. But in case of emergency self-defense you should be able to access it easily whereas a constricted access in order to avoid any injury.

Additionally, in some states travel cases are required in lieu of firearm transportation laws. If transporting your firearm by road or air, it is advisable to use a hard plastic gun case with lockable latches.

●    Concealed Carry Holster


If you plan to carry a firearm all the time then you can opt for concealed carry. You can choose a concealed carry holster that will keep firearms close to your body from the view of others.

Accessory for Firearm cleaning

No doubt, shooting adds excitement but it comes with devoir like cleaning too.

Each time a round is fired, residue of lead and carbon is left behind. Moisture is another main reason as it leads to corrosion causing damage to your gun. In order to keep your gun running smoothly for a long time; you need to keep it clean and lubricated.

What if you see a rust patch on the rifle, you need to spin off the Mlok handguard first to paint below. At times you may also need to lubricate the head of the lever for its smooth functioning. Whether you own a shotgun, pistol or a lever action rifle like Marlin 336, you should learn how to disassemble it for cleaning purposes.

Below are the accessories that should be included in cleaning kit:

●     Cleaning Mat

When you disassemble your firearm for cleaning purposes, you need a small mat to keep the parts you are cleaning. Benefits of using mat:

ü  It avoids parts from sliding or rolling, preventing loss of any loose part.

ü  Parts do not get any scratches due to the table surface.

●    Cleaning Patches

Fresh cotton patches are useful in cleaning the firearm from inside to outside. Though, some of the patches can be reused but to avoid leaving dust in the firearm, using fresh patches is advisable.

●    Cleaning Rod

With the help of these cleaning accessories you need to remove dust from inside and outside of your firearm.

●    Nylon Brush

Brushes can be helpful in cleaning the barrel.


●    Cleaning Solvent

The cleaning solvent keeps your gun in immaculate position. It removes the remains of the debris from the different parts of the gun or the marlin finger lever.

●    Gun oil


Lubrication is an essential step to keep the firearm going. Once the rifle or gun is cleaned, oil is applied to the gun parts to lubricate and prevent it from rusting.

Accessory for firearm shooting

Whether you have bought the gun for defense, recreation or hunting, either you will be shooting occasionally but at a range or will shoot more often. In either case the gun should operate correctly, isn’t it?

Whatever your aim is, becoming successful is what you want. Here are some accessories you may need while using your new weapon.

  • Dry-Fire caps 

Dry-fire training is the perfect way to practice range shooting or defensive maneuvers at home. Though modern guns can be used for dry-fire, using dummy rounds or snap caps prevents damage to the gun’s firing pin.

  • Snap-caps

Made from plastic, a cartridge-shaped training accessory that can be socketed in a firearm. It does not contain any functional component like propellant, primer or projectile. When you pull the trigger without these bullets (dummy), it can damage the gun’s internal parts.

Accessory for Ear and Eye protection 

  • Ear Plugs

If your ears are not protected then due to loud noise, firearms may cause immediate damage to the ears. To avoid permanent hearing loss, shooters should definitely opt for ear muffs or ear plugs.

  • Shooting Glasses

Apart from ears, shooter’s eyes too need protection while shooting. The protection from the smokeless powder that is discharged from the firearm, shrapnel (tiny fragments of shell) or any other flying debris. Shooters should use shooting glasses, to avoid the risk of permanent blindness.


Though, there is a lot to explore in this big world. But the above 14 accessories would surely help you make an informed decision and should chaperone along with the firearm.

Happy shooting! 

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