13 Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

July is the halfway point of the year, and for some people, it’s the time when they start to get the Christmas itch. For most of the population, Christmas holiday festivities are preserved for December only. But why not celebrate Christmas in July?

There are lots of summer-themed Christmas activities that you can enjoy with family and friends. Are you curious to know how you can enjoy Old Saint Nick in the summer? If so, check out these ideas.

1. Put up a Summer Themed Christmas Tree

You might not want to spoil your official Christmas decorations before December, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Christmas decor in July. Put up your Christmas tree, and instead of covering it with candy canes and nutcracker ornaments, try something different.

Find cute watermelon ornaments, hula girl trinkets, and seashells. Then, garnish the top with a pair of sun shades instead of a star.

Also, if you need a tree, follow the highlighted link to find some incredible Christmas trees.

2. Bake Christmas Cookies

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, Christmas cookies are always tasty. Bake some gingerbread cookies, and instead of decorating them in the standard gingerbread attire, put a different twist on it. Use the frosting to create a pair of jean shorts and a tank top.

That way you’ll get a scrumptious blend of Christmas taste with summer design.

3. Use Candy Cane Pool Noodles

Christmas in July is all about creativity. If you’re super excited about the holiday, bring a little Christmas decor into your current situation. By using candy cane pool noodles, you can enjoy the sun, while also indulging in the Christmas spirit.

4. Make a Sandman Instead of a Snowman

One of the best Christmas in July ideas is to recreate Frosty. After all, who says that Frosty has to only be a snowman?

While you’re at the beach enjoying a family vacation, recreate your own version of the classic snowman. Build it up, use a carrot for the nose, and garnish the eyes with a pair of shades. Then, top it off with a cool Christmas hat.

5. Make a Summer-Themed Christmas Drink

Are you craving eggnog? If so, don’t wait until Christmas to enjoy it. If you feel like the weather doesn’t mix well with traditional eggnog, spruce it up a bit.

Instead of making the drink the traditional way, add a bit of pineapple and coconut. That’ll create an eggnog colada.

6. Wear Christmas Attire

It’s scorching hot outside in July, so wearing a sweater isn’t a good idea. However, you can find Christmas t-shirts with pictures of Santa or Rudolph on the front. There are even cool half-Xmas shirts that you can find online.

Dressing up in a holiday-themed wardrobe is the best way to jump-start Christmas in July.

7. Watch Christmas Movies

Some of your favorite movies might be Christmas movies. Traditionally, you’d wait until November and December to start watching them. But why not start in July?

There’s something whimsical about Christmas movies, and they can absolutely put you in a better mood. After a long day in the sun, unwind with a holiday-themed film.

8. Give Gifts to Your Friends

Your loved ones will definitely be surprised if you randomly give them gifts for Christmas in July. But hey, if you’re in the holiday spirit, you can’t help it, right?

You don’t have to splurge on big gifts, but giving out little trinkets will definitely make your loved ones happy. Japanese snack box is also one of the best gift you send to your special ones.

9. Use Your Christmas-Themed Items

Every year, there are tons of items that are sold with Christmas designs on them. You may have a coffee cup, blanket, or wine glass that’s beautifully decorated with Christmas designs. Instead of reserving them for December, use them in July.

It’s a great way to get more use out of your Christmas-themed possessions.

10. Play Christmas Music

Christmas tunes are absolutely infectious. Not only that, but holidays songs are actually good music. If you’re feeling down and you want to improve your mood, holiday songs will definitely do the trick.

11. Have a Christmas in July Party

Most people are always looking for an excuse to party. So even if your loved ones don’t understand why you’re celebrating Christmas in July, they’ll still participate if you throw a Christmas-themed gathering during the summer.

Honestly, the Christmas holiday isn’t long enough. So anytime you can celebrate it during other parts of the year, do so!

12. Decorate With Faux Snow

When it’s burning hot outside, you might wish there was a little snowfall. But, if you can’t get any snow in your area, you can create your own.

Find ways to decorate your home with faux snowflakes and snowballs. That’ll definitely create a winter vibe.

13. Visit Other Countries

Believe it or not, there are some countries that have winter in July. If you really want to indulge in the holiday spirit, take a vacation to a different region.

Countries like Austria, New Zealand, and even South Africa have winter seasons in July. Not only that, but many of them actually throw Christmas in July celebrations. Take your summer vacation and spend it and a winter wonderland!

Celebrating Christmas in July

If you absolutely love the holidays, why wait until December when you can celebrate Christmas in July? As you can see from the activities above, there’s so much that you can do to bring a bit of the Christmas spirit into the summertime. So, which of these suggestions do you think you’ll do?

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