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10 Tips To Increase Your Email ROI In 2021

Email marketing has proven doomsday predictors wrong repeatedly, and it is still going strong with an ROI of 4200%. As we dive deeper into 2021, economies will reopen and if you are getting any less results, it’s high time you fix any leaks. Here, I will share some tips for you to realign your strategy and improve your bottom line significantly with very little effort. Let’s get started. 

  • Be Prudent With List Building

For generating great results every time, the first thing you need to look at is your mailing list. To have a viable mailing list, you need to maintain list hygiene from the beginning and on top of that, insist on double opt-ins. 20% of email sign-ups contain typos, syntax or domain errors, so double-check before adding new contacts to your list. Periodically scrub your list of invalid as well as dormant entries. Data is precious and due care should be taken.

  • Segment Your Email Lists

Low email open rate and high unsubscribe rate is a symptom indicating your mailing list needs to be segmented. 82% of marketers have reported increased open rates with segmentation. Use your data to divide into smaller groups/segments based on location, demography, preferences, open rate, inactivity, purchase history and any other parameter that affects your business. A properly segmented mailing list will not only increase engagement but also help increase ROI.

  • Personalize Emails

Personalization is a strategy where one leverages all the data available to create a targeted campaign. 33% of marketers believe that personalization will be the most important strategy for marketing in the future. 74% of them accepted that targeted personalization helped increase their customer engagement and roped in 20% additional revenue. Personalize emails by using the name of the subscriber in the subject lines and email body. Use HTML email templates with Outlook and leverage subscriber data, including location, age, gender, season, event, past interaction reference, and email copy

  • Audit Your Automation Workflows 

Faulty email automation workflows can be one of the main reasons why you aren’t achieving proper ROI. Make sure your triggers are not clashing with one another or overlapping by running auditing. This error will lead to sending irrelevant messages to your subscribers. Also, make sure that dynamic content blocks are properly utilized in your email templates. Identify the relationship between engagement rate and personalization of your existing campaigns and, based on that information, tweak workflows to improve your overall email marketing metrics.

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  • Curate Riveting Subject Line

Check if your subscribers are getting a clear idea of what to expect from the message based on the subject line. Depending on the email client, the subject line cuts off after  30-40 characters. Check if you limit the length of the subject line and preheader text and still effectively utilize it fully. Use of subscribers’ names, adding urgency, announcing events or using numbers increases open rate substantially. You will need to curate subject lines short yet send messages across. 

  • Write Engaging Copywriting

No matter how stunning an email looks, if the content is not well written and relevant to the subscriber, it will land in the trash bin or even trigger an unsubscribe. Check if you are using language that’s easy to understand for your target audience. Use of simple language, appropriate words, conversational tone, and personalized copy written on free HTML email templates goes a long way.

  • Design Attractive  CTA

In your email, the CTA should be distinguishable and have a prominent place. Check and make sure your email body meets this criterion. This can be one of the main reasons for the low click-through rate. Check if your CTA button’s size is much larger than text, using a different color than the background and placed in an area where there is ample white space. You can customize free HTML email templates accordingly. Do you find the CTA in the below example tempting? I do:

Email Campaign CTA


  • Use Responsive Templates

If your email gets deleted immediately, then you might need to look if you are using responsive HTML email templates or not. 47% of all demographics use mobile to check their emails, and 71% will delete if not displayed correctly on a mobile device. It is essential to optimize your emails for all the platforms. Litmus allows users to test how your messages will render across a variety of devices.

  • Use Best Day And Timing

Engagement largely on what day and time you are sending email as an average office worker receives 121 emails every day. Ensure that you are scheduling send time of your emails when your subscribers are most likely to open and engage. You can find the perfect timing to send an email for your business by tracking performance is. Generally, Tuesday to Thursday are the best days and office hours the best time to send your emails.

  • Focus On Deliverability Of Your Email 

Another important factor needs to make sure your emails land in subscribers’ inboxes and not spam folders. Always include an unsubscribe link and avoid using spammy words. If facing persistent issues, go for IP warming or use new IP addresses in case of severe damage. 

Summing Up

No matter which sector you belong to or whatever may be the scale of your business, you should take maximum benefit of the economy reopening after the pandemic. Apply the tips mentioned above and you’ll surely get better results in 2021. 

Author Bio: Kevin George is Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest growing custom email design and coding companies, and specializes in crafting professional email templates, PSD to HTML email conversion and free HTML email templates. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz and eats and breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on his blog.