10 Things You Should Bring on Your Luxury Trip

11 Things You Should Bring on Your Luxury Trip

Traveling is always a luxurious way to spend your time and money. But if your style is more boutique hotels, fine dining, and exclusive experiences than budget hostels, street food, and battling the crowds, there are certain essentials you need to pack for your upcoming luxury trip.

Beyond the capsule wardrobe and chic yet comfortable footwear, these luxurious touches are the kinds of items that can take your travel experience up a few notches. So much so that even tedious airport waits and freezing cold flights won’t faze you!

From home comforts worth the space in your suitcase to smart and stylish travel accessories, next time you take a vacation, don’t forget to take these ten items with you to ensure a luxurious experience the moment you set off.

  1. Matching Luggage Set

Nothing says luxury like a full set of matching luggage. But, while designer prints and luxury brands can be alluring, it’s wise to choose a matching luggage set that includes lightweight yet sturdy suitcases on rollers. After all, heavy, bulky baggage will make it hard to glide through the airport like a star. And nothing makes for a miserable trip like a burst or cracked suitcase.

As for your carry-on, there’s a lot to be said for using a smart leather holdall. If you tend to cram in too much when you pack for a trip, a smaller carry-on can help limit your load. A holdall is also easier to fit into tight spaces on the plane and during connections to your hotel. And, if you plan on taking any mini-breaks while you’re away, your holdall can double-up as a weekend or overnight bag.

  1. Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones

While one of the many Hilton vacation club elite benefits is a shorter waiting time when booking, waiting is an inevitable part of all vacation experiences. Even if you get to skip the lines and breeze past security, long flights can be a nightmare f you don’t have some way to switch off when the crowds and stress get too much.

For those of you craving your own luxury retreat wherever you go, Bose noise-canceling headphones are a must-buy. Whether you want to listen to your favorite podcasts, albums, or audiobooks in peace, or you just want to drown out the chatter of your fellow passengers, these headphones ensure that blocking noise is one part of the travel experience you can control.

3. La Roche-Posay Soothing Moisturizer

With everything from recycled airplane air to over-zealous hotel air-conditioning set to dry out your face and dull your complexion, even luxury travel can take its toll on your skin.

Luckily, La Roche-Posay’s Cicaplast Baume B5 is here to save you from the dull, dry reflection that used to stare back at you from the hotel bathroom. Combining madecassoside, panthenol, and thermal spring water, this cica cream acts as both a protective and preventative measure against travel-tainted skin. Apply it before, during, and after your flight to your face, hands, and anywhere else that feels dry and you’re sure to notice the difference.

 4. Oversized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must whenever you take a vacation to sunnier climes since they help your eyes accustom to the sun and protect you from its harmful rays. But often, we’re more interested in how an oversized pair of shades can hide our lingering jetlag or the effects of a night out sampling the local cocktails. And, for those days when you want to go makeup-free, sunglasses and a slick of red lipstick scream subtle luxury.

As for which style to go for, whether you prefer Bottega Veneta’s tortoiseshell cat-eye frames or Celine’s flattop sporty shades, the only sunglasses to include on this year’s packing list are big and bold.

5. Warm and Cozy Sleep Accessories 

One of our top traveling tips is to bring a few cozy sleep accessories with you on the flight to ensure that your journey is as comfortable as possible. After all, while many airlines provide items like blankets and socks, there’s nothing quite like luxury travel combined with your own home comforts.

If you usually sleep with an eye mask, bring your own. Not only is it small and easy to pack, but you can also be sure that the fit and feel are perfect for blocking out light and helping you sleep in transit. Slippers might be a step too far but packing cashmere socks for the flight is a good idea since they’re small and lightweight.

Another must-have is a hoodie or sweater. An extra layer often comes in handy when the AC is on full-blast, or you can use it rolled as a pillow or as a blanket for cozying up when you want to sleep.

6. Leather Travel Wallet

Organization is key for a smooth and luxurious travel experience. And what better way to stay organized in style than by keeping all your travel documents and other essentials together and safe than in a buttery soft leather travel wallet?

The best kinds are spacious enough to slot in your phone and a backup battery as well as your passport, boarding passes, and visas. And, if you plan on heading out to dressy events, a black leather travel wallet by Prada or Montblanc is even sleek enough to double up as a clutch.

7. Apple iPad

When you pack for a trip with luxury in mind, keeping your baggage to a minimum isn’t as much of a concern as it would be for backpacking across Southeast Asia. But we have to admit that the convenience of an iPad makes it a must for your packing list, wherever you’re going and whatever you plan to do.

As well as using it to watch movies and series during your journey, you can use it as a book on the beach or as a notebook for recording tips, recommendations, and booking references. Your iPad can also serve as a travel guide, photo storage, and calendar. And, if you rely on your smartphone for storing boarding passes and other documents, your iPad is a handy backup in case your battery runs out.

8. Avène Thermal Water Spray

Flying can often seem like a necessary evil when you want to take a vacation. But if you look at it as a chance to relax in a way you don’t often get to, using products to calm and revitalize, indulging in your favorite pastimes, and switching off for a while can turn the flight into an opportunity for self-care.

One such calming and revitalizing product is Avène’s thermal water facial spray. Along with a rehydrating moisturizer, packing a facial spray in your carry-on luggage can make a huge difference to how you look and feel throughout the journey and during your trip. Spray it on your face after cleansing and whenever you feel hot, stressed, or in need of a pick-me-up and you’ll feel brand new in no time.

9. Longchamp Foldable Tote

Packing an extra bag in your suitcase is one of the best traveling tips for those of you who love to bring souvenirs home with you. A mid-sized foldable tote is one of the best options since it takes up next-to-no room in your case but can hold a lot more unexpected gifts and trinkets than your average bag.

And, if you go for a stylish brand like Longchamp, you’ll have a chic accessory to take with you on beach trips and sightseeing experiences when you might need to bring extras such as water or a towel.

10. Diptyque Luxury Travel Candle

While you might consider even a travel-sized candle one of the last items you’d pack for a trip, it’s time to reconsider. Fragrance does, after all, take luxury to the next level, inspiring powerful emotions for instant ambiance.

While you’re away, the familiar scent of your favorite Diptyque candle will make you feel at home and help ease you into a restful sleeping routine. Then, when you return, the scent will bring back memories of your luxury trip. And, as a bonus, your luggage will smell amazing when you unpack!

11. Tory Burch Scarf

If your capsule wardrobe consists of muted colors and monochrome looks, a bright Tory Burch scarf is the perfect way to add a little luxury and a pop of color to more basic ensembles. Scarves are also great space-savers as they can work as a light shawl on an evening walk, a cover-up on a beach trip or for visiting religious buildings, and as a hair cover for car rides in a convertible.

What to Pack for Your Next Luxury Trip

When packing for a luxury trip, your main priority should be to include items that enhance the luxurious experience you’ve planned.

Well-chosen items will then banish boredom from long flights, ensure that you arrive looking your best, and that you feel stylish from the moment you set off to the moment you land back home.