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10 Signs It’s Time for a Garbage Disposal Repair

Home appliance experts claim that the average life span of a quality garbage disposal unit is 12 years. However, this period is mainly determined by the maintenance of the appliance.

The majority of homeowners tend to be unaware of its operation despite this issue being one of the most common causes for contacting plumbing services.

There is nothing as annoying as having a faulty garbage disposal unit since it means you will have to deal with the waste yourself.

Here are ten signs that tell you it’s time for garbage disposal repair.

1. Strange Noises

The best way to deal with strange noises is by checking for any blockages down the drain by using a flashlight. Identify what is causing the noise and remove it carefully.

If you fail to spot anything and can still hear the strange sounds then consider calling a professional.

2. Your Appliance won’t Turn On

This indicates a serious issue with the appliance. To solve this, try pressing the reset button and see if the appliance will restart. You can also check for any fault in the circuit breaker located in the main switch.

You will need to call someone for garbage disposal repair if those two methods don’t work.

3. Water leakage

Cracks and leakages are common in older units. Depending on how old your appliance is, let your professional tell you whether to fix it or replace it.

4. Bad Smell

A food disposal unit is bound to have odors emanating from it every so often.

Does the stench persist even after thorough cleaning? Then there might be particles stuck in it that need removal. This service is better offered by a professional since some particles may need chemical solutions to drain them.

5. Clogged Pipes

Clogged garbage disposal will not only make ugly noises but also cause liquids to back up from the sink. Foods like stringy vegetables, bones, and eggshells are the most common cause of this.

6. Processing Time

If your unit is taking longer than normal to break down food, it’s time to have it checked. Take time each day to run it for a minute or so. This will prevent the buildup of food particles and lighten the load on the appliance.

7. Frequent Resets

Do you find yourself frequently hitting the reset button? Then that is a sure sign that the wiring is faulty and it needs repair.

8. Blunt Blades

If you notice, your food and water resurfacing on the sink, it can be an indicator that the blades are dull. Consider replacing them with sharper ones for efficient breakdown of food.

9. Drains into Your Dishwasher

When waste from the garbage disposal tends to flow back to the dishwasher, it’s a sign of a plumbing issue that will need a professional to fix it.

10. Smoke From Your Garbage Disposal

Smoke coming from your appliance is definitely a warning. This is an indicator that the wiring has a problem and needs immediate attention from a professional.

Garbage Disposal Repair

A garbage disposal unit is an essential appliance in the kitchen. If your appliance starts displaying the above signs, contact a professional for garbage disposal repair.

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