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10 Insta-Famous Pools That Could Be Yours!

A lot is going on in the real estate market. Property prices are rising significantly, and this trend is causing a ripple effect. In response to what is happening, homeowners are jumping at the chance to make necessary home improvements to increase their home values. The proof is in the numbers. In October 2021, NSW reported a total of $335,684 million worth of renovation approvals given to applicants. This number continues to climb even in the new year.

So what renovations are occurring?

While kitchens remain the most popular endeavour, surprisingly, swimming pool installation comes in at a close second. Australians are now opting for swimming pool installations as a backyard improvement measure by investing in pools more than ever before.

Therefore, if you wish to create the ideal backyard, you need to join the trend and add a swimming pool. Moreover, if you are browsing to collect ideas on the right pool, you have come to the right place. 

To help you embark on the selection process, we will take you through the journey we have undertaken for about 11 years. That is an in-depth study of the most stunning pools on show in the centre of beauty display known as Instagram. These examples can serve as guidelines for your structure.

So, without further ado, here is a list of 10 Insta-famous pools that could be yours.

Embrace the Curves

Curve pool

This curvy beauty from The Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach is truly a feast for the senses. It calls to mind a sense of sultriness that truly enhances the pool’s appearance. Opting for curves rather than straight lines also makes it more unique.

Simply Stunning!

Swimming pool with beautiful flower garden

This pool uses colour-coordinated planting to enhance its lines and elevate its appearance. As a result, while it may be the conventional rectangular shape, it is still stunning enough to be a beautiful addition.

Simple, Yet Chic

This design takes its aesthetic inspiration from the famed Greek Islands. It proudly showcases this emulation by using spectacular aqua tilting, clean lines and exceptional landscaping to give you that stunning island effect, no matter your current location. For example, the pictured pool is actually in Mozambique!

Blue valentine

Bring a piece of the Mediterranean and French Riviera into your home with this masterpiece. Additionally, you can also extend your adventure by including the mural.Infinity edge pool

Hanging out

Hillside Pool

This Bali beauty caters to those who live on a sloping property. It is proof positive that having anything other than flat land does not preclude you from having the swimming pool of your dreams.

Pink Perfection

Pink Swimming pool

This sublime creation allows you to step into the world of desert oases and the beauty of Arabian culture. You can make an oasis of your own and bask in its beauty at all times.

Tiling Challenge

Feel free to use this Moroccan style pool as inspiration to challenge your pool builder’s tiling skills. 

Create the Ultimate Hide Away

Don’t let the reality of limited space get in the way of your dream to own a swimming pool. This design allows you to create a stunning structure within a restricted area. Additionally, the feeling of confinement within the sheer walls gets resolved by the infinity edge that gives an impression of wide-open space.

Rediscover Greece

Greek Style Swimming pool

This design embodies Greek Beauty using the primarily naturally coloured pavement. Combined with the rectangular shape, it evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation that sends you straight into holiday mode.

Here’s to Infinite Possibilities

Infinity edge swimming pool

A pool that allows you to embrace your surroundings by creating the illusion that your structure merges with and blends into the encompassing nature around you.

With a bit of imagination, some ingenuity and the right expertise, you can use these examples as inspirational templates to create an awe-inspiring pool of your own.