10 Geography Fun Facts about the world

10 Geography Fun Facts about the world

Do you love to travel the world or just watch national geographic or the discovery channel? IF so you will love these geography fun facts. For more great fun facts visit here.

A 12,000-meter-deep hole on earth

The Kola Superdeep Borehole is the deepest hole on earth, measuring 12,261 meters. This hole was man-made by the Soviet Union during a scientific drilling project that was eventually stopped due to dangerous temperatures inside the hole. It was recorded that some temperatures reached 180C. This means that if the temperatures were favorable, the earth would be having a deeper hole than 12,261 meters today!

Unowned Antarctica

Antarctica, the land covered in ice and cold waters, is not inhabited or owned by anyone or any country. It is only governed by a select number of powerful nations which save the continent for research and scientific studies. Cruise ships full of tourists pass here through the Antarctic Peninsula as it is a great attraction for many.

Russia has eleven time zones

Russia is the largest country in the world by far. Even with the small population, it is about 17 million square kilometers in area. Due to this massive size, Russia has eleven time zones in the whole country. This means that people could be waking up at one side of the country while others are preparing to sleep on the other.

Istanbul City is shared across two continents.

Istanbul is shared across Asia and Europe. This is an interesting, fun fact because those who want to visit Istanbul might just have the opportunity of visiting two continents at the same time. They will only need to ensure they go round the whole city and their dreams would be valid.

Record-breaking time zones

In some countries, morning and evening could be at the same time, just different regions but the same country. France holds the record with 12 time zones, followed by Russia and the United States with 11 time zones each. This is mind-blowing as one could be waking up for work while the other at the far end of the country prepares to sleep.

Sahar desert can snow

Even though the Sahara Desert is known for extremely hot weather and sunshine, snowfalls here. For instance, in January 2018, the Sahara Desert experience the third ever snowfall. The earliest snowfall was in 1979 followed by 2016.

The island within a lake on an island within a lake

Lake Taal in the Philippines is located in Luzon Island within Volcano Island on Crater Lake. To witness this amazing fact, be sure to plan a travel to the Philippines. Mind-blowing!

Shortest flight in the world

Many people rarely fancy long flights as they turn out to be cumbersome. How about taking a flight that is only one and a half minutes? Yes, this flight is usually from Loganair Westray to Papa Westray, Scotland.

A city with one person

In Monowi, Nebraska in the United States, Elsie Eiler is the only individual living here. She owns the only restaurant in this city and acts as the mayor, secretary, and clerk too. She is her celebrity in the small city. In the restaurant, she cooks and attends to herself or any visitors who visit the area.

Two different zones hosting different species with the same degrees and conditions

In Ireland, 53 degrees north, palm trees grow comfortably while in Canada, 55 degrees north, polar bears are present. A fun fact that many people never understand.

We hope you liked these geography fun facts. If you love to want to learn more we invite you to check out these geography trivia games, which can educate you about the geography of the world.