10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Newlyweds

10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Newlyweds

The stressful wedding planning is over. Now, it is just you and your partner enjoying your ever so romantic honeymoon. You are free to enjoy uninterrupted time together in a beautiful place.

One of the most beautiful places to enjoy your honeymoon is in Europe. Europe houses some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Long known as one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations, Europe offers a special allure for newlyweds worldwide.

Whether it is Europe’s cobblestone streets, gorgeous beaches, or grand castles that catch your eye, there is a lot to be seen and adored in the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. Choose the most romantic spot to celebrate your honeymoon with this list of the top honeymoon destinations.

  1. Highlands (Scotland)

Scotland is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. With its vast and shimmering lochs, rolling hills, and history, it is the perfect place for your honeymoon in Europe. The Scottish Highlands, in particular, are simply mesmerizing with unspoiled landscapes and adventure wherever you turn.

Enjoy some of the most amazing views in the world as you wander from spot to spot on informative tours. You can also marvel at the beautiful Loch’s while keeping an eye out for a certain mythical creature at Loch Ness.

  1. Amalfi Coast (Italy)

If postcard-pretty is what you’re looking for in a honeymoon in Europe, the Amalfi Coast in Italy is what you’re after. With lush mountains and stunning turquoise waters, it doesn’t get much more romantic than this. During your time there, the clang of church bells will massage your ears while you enjoy some of the most authentic food in the world.

You and your partner will be able to walk hand in hand throughout the winding cobbled streets in some of the most famous areas. You can even hop on a boat from Amalfi to Positano or board a Vessel and head out to Capri.

  1. Leeds Castle (England)

Enjoy your stay at one of the unique honeymoon destinations in the world. Leeds Castle, also known as the loveliest castle in the world, allows couples to snuggle up in some of the finest hotels in England.

Newlyweds tend to love the Glamping at Leeds Castle due to how unique and enchanting the experience is. With Glamping, you can enjoy the pure luxury of sleeping in a warm bed while also being in the wilderness and enjoying the countryside.

Better yet, when you wake up, you wake to a view of the grand castle. When it comes to honeymoon destinations in Europe, it doesn’t get much better than this.

  1. Paris (France)

Everyone knows that Paris is famed for its romantic vibe, which makes it one of the best honeymoon places to visit. Newlyweds can enjoy dreamy walks alongside famous rivers all the way to the iconic Eiffel Tower. If culture is a must for you, enjoy excellent tours around while eating authentic food.

Paris will check all of your boxes and more.

  1. Florence (Italy)

Florence always ranks highly as one of the best honeymoon destinations. It is jam-packed with some of the world’s best food, history, and people. If you enjoy laughter, music, and a fresh new place to explore, Florence is the place to be.

With your partner, you can enjoy hours upon hours of fun while adhering to Florence’s romantic charm.

  1. Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague is known for how inherently romantic it is. Enjoy an adventure filled with stunning Baroque, Gothic, and Roman buildings alongside the Vltava River. It is picturesque, romantic, and simply gorgeous, making it one of the top honeymoon destinations.

  1. Lofoten Islands (Norway)

When it comes to the Lofoten Islands, expect sea views with a huge difference. This striking destination is one of the must-see places in Norway, especially for your honeymoon. The remote location of the Lofoten Islands is what makes them so charming.

It is here that you can experience constant sunlight in summer, known as the midnight sun. If you visit in winter, you will bear witness to the polar nights where the sun never makes an appearance. These dark skies make for the perfect backdrop to view the northern lights.

  1. South Coast (Iceland)

If fairytale views and mythical folklore are your things, take time to weave through the south coast of Iceland. It makes for a very magical honeymoon escape. Iceland is full of enchanting waterfalls for you and your loved one to explore and admire.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on Seljalandsfoss, where you can step behind a misty veil of enchanting water with your loved one.

  1. Ilulissat (Greenland)

While Ilulissat may not be a very well-known destination, it is still one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. Sail between historic fjords while viewing chunks of ice floating in the water from the mighty Sermeq Kujalleq, the most active glacier in the Northern Hemisphere.

When in Ilulissat, you may be able to gain a glimpse of the beautiful whales that call the surrounding waters their home. Be sure to keep an eye out when you’re on a boat or kayaking around.

  1. Rovaniemi (Finnish Lapland)

Fall in love with your partner over and over again while enjoying the enchanting landscape of Rovaniemi. Immerse yourself in the gorgeous countryside between December and March when making the most out of your adventure in the snow. You can even visit a traditional reindeer farm.

There are so many romantic honeymoon destinations in Europe to enjoy. When planning your honeymoon, take a look at this list to decide where you and your loved one will head to after your wedding.