10 best CSGO glove skins which you can buy

Gloves in CS:GO appeared only three years after the game was released; since then, they acquired the status of a very cool inventory item! They can help you bring some variety to the gameplay, positively affect your status and image, and spur your motivation.

CS:GO gloves have multiple wear levels, are classified as “extremely rare items” and have an asterisk in their name. You can get these skins from one of the trusted websites, such as https://bloodycase.com/skins/gloves.

Check out these TOP 10 best CS:GO glove skins that are available today!

Sport Gloves/Vice

This is one of the most eye-catching and striking sports gloves models. Most gamers and collectors like this combination of black with vibrant pinks and blues, and this is what makes this model particularly popular.

We haven’t seen such a “Factory New” lot on CS:GO trade market for a long time… And we bet that when it appears there, it will cost no less than a couple thousand dollars!

Moto Gloves/Blood Pressure

The gloves are made of black leather and partially decorated with an abstract pattern imitating blood vessels.

The outer side is complemented by burgundy accents and textured treads that mimic carbon fiber. The inner side is made of black and burgundy leather and partially decorated with capillary ornaments.

Specialist Gloves/Field Agent

The outer side of the gloves is made of rough blue fabric. The design is complemented by blue and yellow rubberized inserts with white edging. The inner side is made of two types of blue leather and is complemented by yellow inserts.

Specialist Gloves/Fade

These durable, breathable, and stylish gloves were released with the launch of the Breakout case in February 2018. They were created specifically for the army and Special Forces. Metal inserts make this skin look very special.

The price of this item of the best “Factory New” quality (if you’ll manage to find one!) can be equal to that of a good used car!

Sport Gloves/Slingshot

The outer side of the gloves is made of red mesh with white textile inserts. The inner side of the item is made of beige-brown camouflage fabric and complemented by beige overlays

Sport Gloves/Amphibious

These blue and white synthetic sports gloves are one of the most popular in CS:GO. They are durable and also look very stylish on players’ hands.

Compared to other options on our list, they are quite inexpensive. “Field Tested” or “Minimal Wear” quality will cost you about $400. Of course, you will have to pay six times more for a new skin. It’s worth opening cases to get this one!

Driver Gloves/Black Tie

The outer side of the gloves is made of black leather and partially decorated with a checkered pattern in black suede. The inner side is made of white leather with inserts in gray textured material.

Moto Gloves/Boom!

These reliable CS:GO gloves allow you to keep your hands safe during dangerous motorcycle races. The gloves are made of dark brown leather and feature gray BOOM!, CRACK!, BLAM! and POW! inscriptions, which are housed in comic-book speech bubbles. The outer side of the gloves is complemented by red accents and dark gray textured protectors. The inner side of the gloves is completed with brown inserts.

This particular model is one of the cheapest among all CS:GO gloves. The “Field-Tested” lot is available on the market for as little as $400 or less.

Hand Wraps/Overprint

These CS:GO gloves are reminiscent of hand-to-hand combat armbands. They are made of bandages with a geometric pattern, and they will keep your wrists and joints safe during the impact.

Hand Wraps/Overprint gets its name from the black ribbon wrappers, which are printed with rubberized blue geometric patterns. “Well Worn” ones will cost you $450-500. Of course, “Factory New” is very difficult to find, so they can cost about $1000 per pair.

Sport Gloves/Nocts

The outer side of the gloves is made of leather decorated with an animalistic pattern that imitates the color of a panther. The inner side is made of two types of brown leather.