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10 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for New Moms

Looking for birthday gift ideas for new moms can be a little tricky. There are tons of items available that can be useful to new mothers. 

The ideal gift for a new mom is something that she will love to use. For example, handmade items like ceramic bowls, jewelry, art, home décor, and others. You can find a lovely collection of handmade birthday gift ideas at Beaviss Shop . They offer a range of handmade products that are not only high quality, but also cheaper than the market. Best of all, they don’t add any charges or taxes either.

In this guide, we will suggest to you some of the best birthday gift ideas for new moms. Gifting any of these products will surely put a smile on the receiver’s face.

  • Wet bag

Wet bags are specifically designed to store dirty cloth diapers. However, new moms can use it for other baby clothing items as well. It is one of the best birthday gift ideas for new mothers because it will help them manage dirty diapers easily.

  • Milestone blanket

If you are planning to give something more thoughtful, a milestone blanket could be a great idea. Moms can use it to capture their babies at all stages and ages. 

  • Birth recovery supplies

This could be another great birthday gift ideas for new mum. After giving birth moms need time and care to recover. The post-delivery phase is very crucial for new mothers. They could find a birth recovery supply kit to be useful. These kits contain items like ice maxi pads, disposable postpartum underwear, and others.

  • Treat for new moms

During the post-delivery phase, new mums usually feel hungrier. Also, they deserve the best treatment for enduring all the pain during delivery. So a box full of assorted chocolates could be a great gift idea for new moms.

  • Smart bassinet

The list of birthday present ideas for new mums is incomplete without a smart bassinet. It is specially designed to help babies sleep. It combines soothing white noise with gentle rocking that lulls babies to sleep almost instantly.

  • Fanny diaper bag

Moms need to have their hands free, especially when they are going out with their infants. In this case, a diaper bag can come in handy. With a fanny diaper bag, moms don’t need to worry about carrying a bag full of diapers everywhere. It is both minimalistic and easy to carry.

  • Baby handprints

This is more of a sentimental gift that freezes the little handprints of the baby forever. Moms can keep it as a treasured memory and compare the hands of their babies as they grow.

  • Back massager

After carrying a baby for nine long months, even the strongest women go through back pain. But a nice back massager could relieve some of their pain. If you don’t want your giftee to suffer, you can consider giving this to her.

  • Memorable jewellery

Even a memorable piece of jewellery can be a great gift for new moms. Some services make jewellery using breast milk or the placenta. They will not only appreciate it but cherish it forever.

  • Personalised t-shirt

Last but not the least, a comfy, personalised t-shirt can also make a new mom happy. Most mums spend a lot of time home after giving birth. During those times, nothing feels better than a comfortable t-shirt.

New mothers deserve every bit of happiness in this world. You can put a glowing smile on their face by making them feel special on their birthday. These gift ideas are not only helpful, but it also shows how much you care for the person.